Barcode Login to Local ERPNext Install?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use some form of barcode to login to ERPNext, when installed locally?

Just exploring options to see if I can make login easier for users, as opposed to username/password. I know there are risks with this approach but I’d like to know if there are any possbilities.


You can look at 2FA setup using an external authentication app.

The QR code as per the docs is sent via email as opposed to being shown on the login screen itself:

Thanks, will have a look.

Was more ideally thinking of a user ID card, with a barcode, to sign in at stations as needed. Ideally linked to an existing user account.

If the barcode contained the username password one could scan with a USB barcode scanner after activating the login field.

Yes, that was my first thought too. Just wondered if there was any other options that didn’t require new barcodes each time a password was changed?

A previous place I worked had security badges that were linked the office printer authentication to allow us access to securely print documents, but was distinct and didn’t require a new badge when the passwords on our computer accounts were changed/updated.

It works because the ID card is linked to Active Directory. Don’t know how it’s linked. In my office also we use ID card to print. The printer has it’s own software that works with AD. You can scan a document and email it from printer to any user including yourself.

Check Xerox, Canon etc. documentation to understand how it’s done. Maybe that will give you some idea.

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