Barcode not scanning

Hi everyone, please I generated a barcode online and configured it into an item. I then created a sales order and tried scanning barcode with my phone, since I don’t have barcode scanner but it was not reading. I tried using another phone but it was the same. Please help me resolve this

Is there an error message in Console?

No sir. There is no error message there concerning it

Have you tried using the scanning app on your phone to scan other barcodes (like maybe one from a candy bar)?

If the phone app will successfully scan the barcode of a commercial product but fails to scan your generated code, then the problem is NOT in the program or the scan app.

Barcodes are tricky things to produce. The distance between the bars and the width of the black bars must be within some very tight tolerances. Most online barcode generators create a picture file like a jpeg, png, or tiff. Once you then resize that picture you have added distortion to the generated code and it may not be readable by barcode scanners (or smartphones).

If you can, try downloading one of the free barcode fonts available for MS Word and use it to generate a barcode. By using a font to make the barcode you have the benefit of being able to accurately scale the font properly during the creation of the document.

You might then be able to generate your code in the correct size and save it as the picture file later without having to resize it.

All of this is most complicating the generating of barcodes because most of the generators create the picture files and not real barcodes.

The BEST way to generate barcodes is with a barcode printer. The fonts are built into the printer and are scalable to almost any size imaginable.

Two others here on the form have already worked out a solution. One looks like a custom app and the other is just using the ability to customize print formats in v12.

Hope this helps explain the pitfalls of trying to use barcode picture files.



Thanks sir. Actually I used a barcode printer to print out a barcode label and o tried scanning with my phone but it didn’t work out

Here is a barcode label that I was trying to scan

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Ok, I can see the attempt to print your code. I have seen this kind of result before. This is the same thing I would get if I sent a jpeg file to my Zebra printer.

The sawtooth pattern in the vertical bars is the translation distortion of attempting to scale a picture to a barcode printer that was not really designed to handle raster images very well. You can tell this is the case because the same distortions are seen in the human readable numbers printed below the code. It is also not consistent across the barcode (which is another trait of distortion) because some bars have the jagged edge on the left side, some on both sides, and some on the right side. These are all signs or translation distortion. Those jagged edges exceed the tolerances of bar width and spacing standards so the scanning will fail.

A barcode scanner must have straight solid lines to work from or the scan will fail.

You can test this further if your printer is a Zebra printer. There is a free version of their generator program called Zebra Designer available for download from their website. You can download it and set it up with your printer to generate some high quality barcodes.

Barcodes have been my core business for over a decade now and I have seen just about everything. You need a better source for the print data in order to make good barcodes.


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Ok thanks BKM. So in reality the quality of the printed barcode is the cause of this malfunction. Can you please recommend better sources of print data for me to use. I ll be grateful