Barcode on Sales Invoice with Invoice number

I would like to print a barcode containing the invoice number ( on all invoices. I was successfully able to add the barcode field. But have no clue how to automatically fetch into the barcode.

We maintain a scanned copy of invoices signed and sealed by our customers. If there is a barcode on the invoice it can automatically be organized or renamed at the time of scanning using any OCR.

Hi, Did you solve this out? Or want me to help you out ?

Not yet. Not the priority at the moment.

Probably the easiest way is to use a free barcode generator site like Free Online Barcode Generator: Create Barcodes for Free!.

So in your print format you can add something like the below to generate the barcode.

<img alt='Barcode {{}}'
       src='{{}}&code=Code128&multiplebarcodes=false&translate-esc=true&unit=Fit&dpi=96&imagetype=Gif&rotation=0&color=%23000000&bgcolor=%23ffffff&codepage=Default&qunit=Mm&quiet=0' style="height:50px; padding:1px;"?draggable="false"/>

Yes exactly!