Barcode Scanning app integration


Am planning to invest in building an app that can scan a barcode and can be integrated to pick the item code from ERPnext

Requirements are

  1. The user will open this app and point at the code which will be stuck on a box and the app will scan the code and automatically run a query in ERPNext to give the item code

  2. If there are 2 item codes printed one above the other, this would imply that the box contains finished goods ready for shipment to customers. The app will scan both and realize this is possibly a finished good for a customer as one code will correspond to item code and the other to the customer name and so will assume that and search in sales order / delivery note to help identify this package is what item and for which customer.

Idea is if there is a single barcode it a raw material box while two codes indicate finished goods.

I need your inputs to help productize it further for others to use as well. Is this a good design?

Please provide any suggestions.