Barcode scanning in POS

Combining the Barcode field and the Item field was a good move. However, it also introduces a problem. If I have prepacked items, with an item code it works fine. Bit repacked items that have a label with a label printer generated code, thus barcode equals item code, gives a problem. Onse still has to select the item.
I can think of 3 possible solutions.

  1. I change my barcode so it it is no longer identical to item-code, say code dami1 becomes dami1-x. Not very elegant, since the code is also printed on the label. No change of Erpnext needed
    More elegant would be that Erpnext knows wether a code is typed or scanned.
  2. Don’t know whether the system "knows"whether the code is typed, If yes this could be used to fix.
  3. If 2) not possible, the speed of data entry should be able to be measured. No human being can type with the speed of a scanner :smile: . The rate the characters come in could be used to differentiate between a scanner and a human
    Hope this can be fixed.
    ALso, the POS barcode reading is s bit sluggish. If I have say three times item ABC, it the easiest way to scan 3 times. You have to do this slowly, slowly, otherwise the system hicks up.


Miracles, or a very fast fix ??
This behavior has been there ince the merge of barcode field and code field some 6 month back. Always forgot to report.
Yesterday, the issue. Today, it works as should. Flawless.

Don’t think we have fixed anything. May be some unrelated fix, which has made it workable.

Hi Nabin,

Still some Items do not move automatically to the item list.
Articles with a supplier barcode always work.
For our repacked items the label printer generates the barcode, and sometimes it work, sometimes not.

Codes: dlrupb1,dlkopb1,dlkipb3, dlkipb2 work fine, after scan the item is selected in the item-sales list (invoice)

Codes: knru20 and dlsckn1 are selected on the right hand side, but have to be “clicked” to move them to the invoice.

This behavior will produce errors, since we scan not sitting in friont of computer, but at some distance. Clients put articles on our large fridge and i scan them. However, if the article is not moved into sales invoice, and i do not select manual (which means that after every scan i have to look at the computer screen), the next barcode will be appended to the last one (that was not selected and thus moved to the invoice part)

I have no clue why some articles are behaving correctly, and others not!!

I you wish I can show this using teamviewer


Deeply ashamed. For some items forgot to fill the barcode field. Ahhhhhh robert