Barcode text box missing on Item page, --production

From my experience, the barcode box shows right under the description section when installed with --develop, but now that I got --production:

The barcode field is present in the DocType, but it just won’t show on the Item form.

Hello @oxwivi

Take a look in “Stock Settings”, there you will find an option to show the barcode field.

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FML, I didn’t even think of checking there.

@applepipe, would you happen to know how to show the extra fields I created on Serial No. DocType?

I’m glad it helped! About the other fields, if they are created and and not marked as hidden, they should appear after a reload, to clear cache and etc.

The thing is it didn’t: Add extra fields Serial no. form

IDK if it would’ve worked on any other form, but Serial No. form is basically giant textbox in the Invoice forms.