Barcodes for Items

Are barcodes supposed to be listed on the item form by default? I can not seem to find it and I have found some post that explains how to enable it, but I can’t find the area in setup to actually do this.

Says to go to:

        `Setup > Customize > Hide/ Unhide Features > Item Barcode.`

Under Customize I do not see Hide/Unhide Features.

Says to go to:

    `Setup --> Features

But I am not seeing this either.

At one point, when I first started exploring ERPNext, I thought I ran past a barcode text field on a form. But I cant find it now.

Thank you…

Found this

But I still can not find it on my system. :frowning:

hi @starke
just check in the Stock setting
for latest version of frappe & erpnext

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@sagar I must have looked over that check box a billion times since I posted this. Thank you for the reply and especially the screen shot. Much appreciated!!!

it work at my side.can you please share you version.


It did work, I was just stating I must have kept over looking the check box during my searches. Works perfect!

Thanks again for the help and screen shot!