Base64 encoded images in print format


I have recently opened up a topic about base64 encoded images in a custom print format. The problem is that you can embed base64 images in a html print template, but they do not get printed. Although you can see them in the print preview they get removed when you click PDF or Print.

I figured there is a frappe extract image function, which I cannot disable. (There has been a PR a couple years ago).

I consider this to be a real flaw, since using custom print formats with pictures is a common thing. (P.S.: I am not talking about images that refer to a url or similar). Is there really no solution, mitigation for this?

I’m searching for a solution as well.

I’ve thought I’m clever and just put a SVG into the code, while its still XML.
But it seems Frappe removes all path informations, so that there is left just an empty SVG…

if you’re able to code, use the pdfkit library directly through whitelisted function.