Bash: bench: command not found

Hi team,

I am experiencing a problem when I try to run a bench command and am getting this error message:

present working directory /opt/boa
[boa@localhost ~]$ bench init erpnext && cd erpnext
bash: bench: command not found…

The output of the echo $PATH

is [boa@localhost ~]$ echo $PATH


Kindly help me out
I haven’t found the solution to this yet.

check in opt/boa/ if bench folder is created.

If not, run the bench install command again and check:

pip install -e ./bench

Which installation method have you used?

the folder is there in the opt/boa


I used the below command to create bench-folder that is after cloning.

sudo pip install -e bench-repo

can you run bench commands as root user?

Conventionally, you should find that bench is installed under /usr/local/bin but as it is a part of your PATH variable, install bench for your user using pip install --user -e /path/to/bench-repo