Basic Calculation in Quantity and Currency Fields

In our old ERP system we could do some basic math in every quantity (int, float) or currency field.

For example your supplier sends you a quotation for 125 pieces at a total price of 531.25 USD. Instead of using a calculator and writing 531.25 / 125 = 4.25 and then copying and pasting and typing this into the rate field we could just go to that rate field and type “531.25/125” and it would update to 4.25.


When in a quantity or rate field allow calculations with basic math (addition subtraction multiplication and division): 2+1, 2-1, 2*2, 2/2. When the calculation is done show a grey infobox on the bottom showing the math which then fades away.


Here you go :smile:


AWESOME :+1: Thank you!

:grinning: Thank you. Nice work. Things that make the user interface easier to use.