Basic Things missing in CRM Moule

We have considerable ease in CRM Module for recording Data.

But, these data would be valuable only if they can be utilized. There can be two basic purposes for this data for any Company.

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Usage

  • Data Analysis - Basic Report missing is "Enquiry/Opportunity Analysis. (How many Enquiries received in terms of Quantity & Value, How many Won/Lost - Territorywise, Product/Groupwise, customer groupwise).

  • Data Usage - We cannot filter the Customer data to send mailers (there is no interlink found to have combined report with Customer & Contact which can filter Contact list by fields of customers like Territory, Industry type, Customer Group, et al.)

Whether anyone has found solution of above requirement? If yes, please help.

You’ll need to use a BI tool for analysis. Data will be recorded in ERP but BI tool will be able to report on it how you like it.

@iadr3805 - Thank you for reply. Could you please suggest any good BI tool?

I’m trying SpagoBI at the moment.

If you have all data points in the system and are capturing them, you can also look to develop custom reports within ERPNext to give you such information.

@Pawan - Thanks you for reply.

Let’s say - We need to create following report. Can you please advise how to create the same (I don’t have programming OR script knowledge).

It depends on how you are using the system and how is lead/opportunity classified as won/lost etc. Such a report would have to be a SQL or Script report based on how your system is configured functionally.

If you are using single doc type to track all this, then you can take a dump in excel and create the details there (If you don’t want to customize)