Batch Authorization of Journals Vouchers

Hello, I am having a lot of time validating Journal Vouchers in ERPNext, most of those JV came from a upload via template (last year journals megration to a new system from a really old one), I try running in MariaDB:

UPDATE tabJournal Entry SET docstatus = 1 WHERE docstatus = 0;

With that the Journal Voucher apears like presented in the JV list but it is not taken into acount in Reports like General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Profits and Lost.

Is there a way to present Journal Vouches by Batch?

Try to use data import tool to submit them, there is an option “submit after importing” in data import tool

I have been using the import tool but I did no notice the option to “submit after import option” because I have my interface in Spanish and the translation mean another thing “Enviar después de importar” mean: send after impor, I will try to fix the translation in the portal.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.