Batch Creation - Time of Creation


lets say i have a item A with shelf life 1 day. If we are manufacturing the item on Oct-25 around 9pm, then in reality it will be usable till oct-26th 9pm.

However in ERP, the Batch is getting creating with MFG date Oct25 and EXPIRY date OCt26. The Item is getting expired on Oct-26(12 AM).

Hence there is a difference between reality and in ERP.

Is there a way to incorporate time into the creation of batch?

Or How do we handle such situation?


You can try this option

@satisharalkar. Thanks for your suggestion. Actually my concern is not with respect to the naming of the batch. The concern is that Shelf life is not extended based on the Time of the creation of batch.

There is no out of box function that you require. You will need to write custom script for add exactly 24 to the production time.