Batch Email Invoices

Hi Guys,

after a long journey with many tryouts of different CRM and ERP Solutions i finally arrived at erpnext and love it! Successfully installed it on ec2 and it`s working fine;-)

I just have one problem: how can i send all existing unpaid sales invoices via email to their linked comanies? i want to achieve this workflow finally:

  1. Reccuring Invoices for all Companies
  2. Recurred invoices shall be saved as drafts first
  3. After checking some samples submitting all invoices at once
  4. Send all invoices in one step to the recipients

Only the last step i don`t know how to achieve as there is no “send via Email”-option if i select all invoices in the Sales Invoices List…

Anyone any idea how i can solve this?

thank you very much!!!


Take a look at notifications. If the flow you’ve described is going to be followed at all times, you need to create a notification on Sales Invoices which is triggered on Submit event.

Then it doesn’t matter if you’re submitting it one by one manually or doing a bulk action from the list, the emails will be sent to the customers on submission.

Thank you so much Kenneth!!! Works like a charme with attaching the invoice in the print section!