Batch ID generate based on Purchase Recipt posting date

Is it possible to generate Batch ID based on Purchase Recipt posting date…
like i have set a Batch naming series in item " GC-.DD.-.MM.-.YYYY.-.### " and when i submit the purchase recipt it creates a batch… so the batch ID’s MM YYYY is creating from System Time date… What i want is Batch ID’s MM YYYY should be from Purchase recipt posting date… is it possible?

go through the following step

List/Batch/List >> Menu >> Customize

1 Batch ID >> Change type from Data to Date

please check and let me know if it will help.

It says “Fieldtype cannot be changed from Data to Date in row 1” even if i unchecked the Unique in row…
second i need a “purchase recipt’s” posting date in batch id…
like now my batch id is creating upon submission of purchase recipt is
" GC-06-07-2020-001" 06 is todays date and im creating a purchase recipt posting date of 09 so what i want is my Batch id should be like " GC-09-07-2020-001"

Please use naming series and check.

Let me know and mark if resolved.


Did you find any solution for this?

Thank you!