Batch is Missing in student DocType

I have Student Batch Name, How can i add Batch to student?

You do not add the batch to the Student doctype. This is handled via enrollment.

The Batch is simply static - Class A, Class B. The main functions are handled via Student Groups and more.

Kindly go through the process laid out in the documentation and tutorial videos:

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hi @kennethsequeira
in the tutorial there is a Batch in student DocType as shown

and the Batch name contain [student batch name + program + Academic year] as shown

where the Batch sign to Class
and attendance and assessment depend on Batch

and the Group is subset of Student Batch, where i can divide the batch to groups for sub courses.

because we have some courses include all student and some courses should divide them to groups.
i don’t know why it doesn’t shown in my systemi use
ERPNext: v9.1.3 (master)
Frappe Framework: v9.1.5 (master)