Batch - “ Item name must be unique”


I’m not sure it it’s a bug or something else, but when I create another record of batch_id using the same item (linked with item_name from item doctype), it throws me “item name must be unique”. Is there a way I can create multiple batch of the same item?

Generally it is the batch name which is marked as unique, and not the item name.

Can you go to Customize Form > Batch and check if unique is checked for the Item Name field:

I was thinking the same thing when I confirm on the documentation that it is possible. I have checked the customized form and the “unique” checkbox is not checked.

I am using the latest ERPnext and Frappe from version-13 branch.

Is BOTTLED WATER a newly created item? The only situation I can see this occurring is when a new item is created on the fly from this screen.

I am currently on testing mode with scenarios of actual implementation. I have deleted all the batch and items to see which process might have caused the issue.

I create new item (Bottled Water for this example), maintained and with selected batched stock with expiry. Then I create the first batch for the item (“123” for item Bottled Water) - successfully saved, then again another batch (“234”) but it was showing the same error.

Just an update on the above issue, I reinstall the site and tried the above steps and it works just fine now. Not sure what caused it though.

Thank you for the assistance @kennethsequeira.

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