Batch number and serial numbers to be assigned in Production Order


The batch number and serial number assignment, in a normal production cycle, usually takes place during the creation of work/production order.

Here’s the suggested flow:

• Creation of Production Order (Work Order)
In the Production Order, the finished good to be manufactured and its BOM are selected.
When the Production Order gets submitted, it assigns:
o One Batch No
o As many Serial Nos as needed (according to the qty of the finished goods)

This way, batch no and serial nos get defined at the start of the production order so that any operators
involved can see them defined on any production document and complete the appropriate operations
(labeling, for example).

• When Production Order is completed, the finished goods get versed into the warehouse with a stock
entry. This stock entry should read the values of Batch Nos and Serial Nos from the production order it
relates to (I suppose this is done through the method add_fetch)

Is anyone else interested in managing batch and serial numbers this way?