Batch number in purchase receipt

Hi to all,
I have this problem, i make an order as total qty Kg, on the materiale arrival, i want to save the different batch number of the raw material arrived.

this is the order

This is what i’d like to do, so define more than one bath for the same item, in order to identify it exactly in the warehouse with its id:

but when i try to save, i have this error:

What does it mean?Anyone can help me?


This is only a warning. You can continue saving & submitting…

So what i did it’s correct, isn’t it?
Ok can I block this warning message?

@alaurucci. What you have done is correct. I have played the same use case a few days ago. I also need the ability to assign multiple batches to one item in purchase receipt or delivery note. It works. I also checked the stock ledger after each step.

The warning message can’t be blocked. I would let it be, because this is a special use case, where a warning is ok.

I actually cannot neither save nor submit the purchase invoice. The Save button does not transform into Submit button. The workaround I found is if you only have lets say stuff with 2-3 batch numbers, create separate invoices for each batch. But its long…