Batch sales & purchase return

Currently return design is per invoice, delivery, purchase receipt. Is there work around to do return in batch? Often we receive customer return that involves many invoices, delivery notes at one time…

The use case:
1/12 del.note 50 items
3/12 del.note 25 items
7/12 del note 30 items

8/12. Customer returns 15 items from those 3 delivery notes. That is from one customer, if many??

The same case for purchase return…After sales return is received, then we return to supplier from many purchase receipts…

And we must track qty return from customer/to supplier in a period of time…

Example. A customer return 10 qty and we return back 2 qty from available stock. 8 qty is pending from supplier. After that the customer returns another 20 qty. Now we must able to track that ee have 28 qty pending to return back to that customer. How if it involve many customer and supplier?

Any solution or work around?