Batch Selector Opens twice in Delivery Note

I have this problem since I upgraded from 13 to 14.
the Batch Selector Opens twice in Delivery Note to select the batch no, which is fine as long as you have item from that product in the same warehouse, then i can just close on of the overlapping batch selectors and choose the batch from the open one.
however, when the item chosen is not available in the selected warehouse even if i close the batch selector, the page freezes and cannot edit any field or select unless i refresh the browser window and loosing all the unsaved work.

ERPNext: v14.26.0

Frappe Framework: v14.37.0

steps to re-produce:

  • List item New Delivery Note

  • List item choose customer

  • List item choose source warehouse

  • List item in the item table choose a batch item that is not available in the warehouse

  • List item batch selector open twice, as the item is not available close both the windows of batch selector.

  • List item all the fields in the page are irresonnsive.

  • List item refresh page .

appreciate any help