Batch Wise Stock Reconciliation

ErpNext v14.23.0.

I’m doing a Purchase Receipt with 2 batches of the same items.
Lot-5 with 10 qty at 5$.
Lot-10 with 10 qty at 10$.

Here is the resulting Stock Ledger, all good.

Then I create a stock reconciliation where I want to remove 1 qty of Lot-10.
The system fetch a valuation rate of $7.50, even though my item valuation is FIFO with batch-wise activated. I think it should fetch $10 instead.

After submit the stock reconcilation, here is the resulting Stock Ledger.

Since I’m removing 1 qty of batch at $10, I was expecting my stock balance value to be reduced by $10.
But instead, 10 qty were removed at $10, and 9 qty added at $7.50, resulting in a variation of $-32.50 in my stock balance value.

This makes no sense to me … any insights ? Bug ?