Batchwise Stock Opening Entry

I have done batch wise opening entry through Marterial receipt, the selecting temporary opening account in each item.

But now, when I am trying to change any account settings to select “Make Accounting Entry for Every Stock movement” I am getting error “Account Balance and Stock value not same”

Can anyone help how to solve this?

Was this field checked earlier, or you are checking it only now?

If you are checking it now, then you must follow steps as defined in the following help page.

Hey @umair thanx for reply

The filed was checked earlier, but wanted to check “Check Supplier Invoice Number Uniqueness” , but settings are not allowing me to do that.

Hi same thing is happening to us. We have long ago activated the perpetual inventory by setting “Make Accounting Entry For Every Stock Movement”, but now, when we wanted to activate “Check Supplier Invoice Number Uniqueness”, once I press save, the same message pops up and we are unable to make any change to account settings any more.