Be a part of ERPNext Foundation!


We would like to invite all members of the ERPNext community to buy shares in the foundation’s seed capital. As of now, this is only allowed for Indian Nationals.

You can buy shares worth Rs 1000 in the foundation out of the total seed capital of Rs 1 lakh (approx 1%).

Please note, ERPNext Foundation is a not for profit company and these shares have no financial value as an asset other than the voting rights that come with it. This also does not guarantee any additional benefit (in the general membership etc)

Why this?

We think the foundation should be owned by the community and we would love to have the ownership reflect a more diverse point of view. If you intend to opt-in, we will also be counting in on your continuing support and volunteering.

If you are interested, please send in your interest to by 10th Feb.


Note: this is only allowed for Indian Nationals at the moment. We will open General Memberships soon, which will be applicable for everyone.


Count on me as soon as will be opened to all :smile:

Very excited for this! Will join for sure!

Looking forward to joining when it’s opened to all :slight_smile:


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How do we buy?

can you put a number on “soon”?

Is it open for Individuals or Organizations or both ?

Please let me know when this is open to UK members

Interested. Please share timeline and how to do it.

Let us Know when it becomes open to African Members

I am interested when membership opens for USA individuals. Thanks

is it still open?

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Hello all,

Sorry did not follow up on this thread.

Firstly thank you everyone on your interest!

Our Company Secretary strongly discouraged us to do this at this stage since it will create a lot of admin overhead trying to verify and regularly update all shareholders.

Will surely visit this at the appropriate time (maybe a few months down the line)

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You guys should create a reminder for international users.

I will surely support.


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Already live!