Be Careful Outlook 365 email - lost complete contents of my Outlook inbox

Just trying to make friends with ERPNEXT. Have been watching it for a few years. Tried a couple of trials in the past.
New EC2 instance. Vers10 installed all by myself !!! What a learning curve. Tried to set up my email to my existing 365 domain using my email address. Checked the box to pull emails from my inbox, set “initial sync count” to 100, just to see what happens!. Then watched 4000 emails dating back 3 years disappear from my outlook inbox. The oldest 100 ended up in ERPNEXT the rest have gone!
I am not sure whether to cheer or cry. I will find out this out when I return to work next week.
Does anyone know where my emails have gone? They are not in my deleted box and they are not in ERPNEXT and now I am using 365 I have not got a backup policy.
Is this a bug and should I report it on GitHuB or is this me being a cretin?

Any help greatfully received and I hope this prevents someone else doing the same.


Welcome to ERPNext Chris,

What you describe is how POP handles incoming mail…

Unlike IMAP, POP transfers your emails to your local mail client then dutifully deletes them off the server.

Ideally and reasonably your workplace has a backup archive to restore your emails…

Your work may want to make POP access less available an option too.

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Thanks for that John, lesson learned. I have ticked the box use IMAP in ERPNEXT “settings”, “email domain” .
Its my business, I will take myself down the yard and give myself a good talking to first thing Tuesday morning.
I now know the difference between IMAP and POP3.
When we were running our own exchange on SBS Server the mail was all backed up but when we changed to 365 I don’t think we put any backup in place. A good reason to have an archive policy rather than just using inbox. I suppose I assumed MS would be doing it and until now we have had no issues. Another lesson…Google, how to backup 365 exchange!

Thankyou for the comforting welcome Sir.

I suppose its one way to learn.


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