Become a ERPNext Local Chapter Head


Philippines are divided into 3 land masses or to be particular Island groups because we are and Island country. I can see both the northern and southern part have more ERPNext user activities already.

We are at the central area, geographically a nice spot but our group are quite new. To handle the chapter is a challenge! I will discuss this with my team who are familiar with meet-ups.


Hi JayRam,

Gulf’s upcoming VAT (specially JDE) got us delayed, in many ways, in fact. We will resume our working on ERPNext in first quarter, 2018. Indeed it’s next on list.


Hi Guys n Gals @ERPNext.

I’ve started testing your wonderful system in a VM in my small company based out of Italy. I’d like to connect with folks from Italy to share ideas. Do you have a mailing list where I could do that?

Thanks a bunch.

Hello @JayRam & friends,

I’ve spoken to Indonesian friends, I will volunteer to become a Chapter Head for Indonesia for this moment.
Please include Indonesia as a New ERPNext Chapter. Could you tell me what steps we need to do?


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We do not seem to have a Nigerian Chapter. Though Nigeria is a large country and would most likely need State Chapters.

I would like us to have a Lagos Chapter if we have enough guys in Lagos

@olamide_shodunke How about we make you the head of Nigeria Chapter and you figure out the chapter structure within Nigeria?

Chapter Heads have to be Foundation members at the time of appointment and have to promise to hold two meetups in their city, state or country.

@JayRam, I would like to apply the position as the local Chapter head for City ShenZhen, China


This is ok by me

Will apply as foundation member



Awesome! Welcome aboard is more ways than one (Chapter Head, Foundation Member).



I’m interested - based out of Winnipeg, MB.

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I have a number of Years developing/Implementing ERP on Netsuite, SAP Before that, If there is to be a community in the US, I am interested. I will have 2 clients 1 @ 100M Revenue moving to ERPNext in the next 12 months

Is the Nigerian chapter up and running now? I can’t seem to find any info about it anywhere.

Here are links to the Chapters -

These are on

and the rest that are not