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Longish post. Summary for those with challenges on time: If you want to head your Country’s (or Region, State, County, District, City/Town) ERPNext Chapter: Please provide your background demonstrating the various attributes mentioned in this document and provide a one page approach document about what is required for you to grow ERPNext adoption in your country and how you plan to contribute.

Here’s the complete post:

Here are the Important Dates:

  • Comments, suggestions for changes/enhancement by the community: Till May 17, 2017
  • Changes Validated by ERPNext Foundation Body: By May 18, 2017
  • Applications: Till May 24, 2017
  • Selection Process from May 25 till May 31, 2017
  • Appointments confirmed by ERPNext Foundation Body: From May 25 till June 2, 2017

Appointments for Chapter Heads for Countries, Regions, States, Counties, Districts, Cities/Towns that receive no expression of interest during this time period will be made on a continuous basis as people volunteer for such positions.

Opportunities exist for Chapters at each Country Level. Where multiple people express interest, each aspirant is expected to submit a document outlining the aspirant’s commitment and approach to this position. It is recommended, though not mandated, that the successful aspirant will be gracious and appoint the other aspirants as the heads of the Regional, State, Country, District or City/Town Chapter Heads.

The Chapter is composed of developers, volunteers and evangelists in a specific locality. A Chapter’s main function is to evangelize,train and conduct events that can encourage the growth of the Frappe
and ERPNext Community in their region.


Generally, the Chapter is in charge of growing the developer community and evangelizing and/or marketing ERPNext and Frappe through a variety of events. Chapters and their respective Chapter
Heads should coordinate with Foundation Representatives whenever necessary. Chapters are responsible for the following:

Localization Roadmap:

  • Oversee Localization Development Roadmap and its goals, milestones and their required resources (eg. Funding, volunteers, logistics)
  • Assist with Foundation’s Development Roadmap if needed


  • Lobby the Foundation to allocate funds for the Development of the Localization Roadmap
  • Submit requirements for disbursement and liquidation(if any)
  • Raise in-country funds (eg. Via sponsorships) for events in line to the Chapter’s Roadmap/General Plan of Activities


  • Meet and/or host meetups at a regular frequency (Recommended frequency: Monthly)

  • Facilitate events on Frappe and ERPNext which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Country/City Meetups

  • Code Sprints

  • User Workshops

  • Developer Workshops

Evangelize ERPNext by working with:

  • Accounting Service Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce/Industry
  • Consulting Organizations
  • Industry Associations and Bodies

Develop the ERPNext Community in various cities of the Country:

  • Identify and Recommend for Appointment Regional, State, County, District, City/Town Chapter Heads
  • Help onboard City Chapter Heads
  • Help recruit Gold, Silver and Individual Members for ERPNext Foundation

Infrastructure and Chapter Recommendations:

  • Chapter has the capacity to host (or provide for) space to host the Meetups and Events (if possible)
  • Key members must have implemented ERPNext in at least one organization
  • Key members must have the ability (knowledge and Infrastructure wise) to demonstrate ERPNext’s functionality to prospects

Great to have:

  • Development and Customization expertise on ERPNext
  • Ability to host Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings

Each chapter can recruit it’s own volunteers to help with mobilization and logistics during events.

Communication Methods: Suggestions (Subject to Foundation approval):

  • Chapters may create their own facebook group or use an alternative medium (eg. GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Mailing Lists, Slack, Mattermost) in order to aid with internal communications.
  • Chapter Heads should belong to a group/channel where they can interact and report to the Foundation whenever necessary.
  • File sharing (For document templates, etc) can be done using Google Drive


Each Chapter has a Chapter Head who will oversee all of the activities of the Chapter. This Position is Voluntary and by applying for this position, the applicant commits to the broad terms of this document. The responsibilities of the Chapter Head are as follows:

  • Serve as the Chief Evangelist for ERPNext (Foundation and the Product).
  • Coordinate and report to the Foundation on the chapter’s events, achievements regularly.
  • Oversee all the chapter activities and spearhead initiatives on the items mentioned.
  • Produce any required documentation with regards to the Chapter and activities hosted


Initially for 1 Year, unless the Foundation Members vote to remove the Country Chapter Head by a two thirds majority vote by the (Global) ERPNext Foundation members

Selection Process and Qualifications:

  • Chapter Heads will be chosen based on prior community envolvement and background on Frappe and ERPNext.
  • Applicants should provide their background demonstrating the various attributes mentioned in this document and provide a one page approach document about what is required to grow ERPNext adoption in the applicant’s country and how the applicant plans to contribute.

All (Country, Region, State, County, District, City/Town) Chapter Heads have to be a member of the ERPNext Foundation at the time of appointment. Applicants may not be a member at the time of the application process, but must be a member (Gold, Silver or Individual) at the time of appointment.


@JayRam this is great. I have been in the process of getting a group in the United states setup. I am setting up a forum, ERPNext instance for us, and a document management system for sharing and managing documents. Also we are going a manufactures summit in our state to promote erpnext.


Excellent. I hope you will consider being the Chapter Head of your State, County or City. Or all of the US.

Please let us know how we can support you.

Everybody: Don’t get too scared. This position won’t suck up too much of your time. If you can spare 2 hours per week, you can help grow ERPNext in your area, and hopefully your business will grow too!



Would we use the erpnext domain name or would we use something else for the groups?

@JayRam where do we submit the document?

Would it be okay if people posted their documents on this thread. Or would y’all prefer that it be a bit more private?



@JayRam posting here would be fine for me. I can say right now we are implementing some stuff for the US and also talking about having a conference in the US at the end of this year our early next year.

Anyone in the Philippines who’s willing to become the chapter head? I’d love to help out. :slight_smile:


@littlehera nice :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in the Canada/Toronto Chapter? We can team up

@malik your not to far from the Boston area. I would be more than will to share the resources we have with you.

Proposal for ERPNext US-West Coast Chapter

Hello Community!
I would like to propose setting up a US-West Coast Chapter for ERPNext and with Foundation members willing, help organize it.
I’ve given a brief background about me and the company that I work for and also proposed activities of the chapter.
I would be happy to answer any queries and look forward to a great association with ERPNext community.
Mahendrarajan (@cmrajan)

##Personal Background:

  • 16+ years of experience in ERP Product development and worked with a India based ERP product company for ~10yrs.
  • Built two SaaS products, Empwise and AgileGreen
  • Currently CTO @ Sedin technologies and live in California, US

I’ve been dabbling with ERPNext for past 6 yrs (back when it was still called as Webnotes) and actively used it during 2011 for developing Empwise, a HR & Payroll application focusing on Indian SMB Market. The product didn’t get the traction we’d hoped and it’s currently not been actively promoted.

Though I was not active in the community, I’ve been following ERPNext all these years and now have renewed interest.(As an aside, was surprised to see couple of (very)old discussions with Rushabh during the initial days on architecture, migrated from google groups over to discuss!)

##Company Background:
Sedin technologies is India based Web application development service company with offices in India, US and Europe.
Our flagship service is web product development using Opensource RubyOnRails framework under Railsfactory brand.We are also implementation partner for IBM Maximo,an Asset Management platform.
We’ve recently started Implementation practice for ERPNext.

##Proposed Contribution

  • In the short term, build functionality to support Indian Income tax and HR Statutory compliance module.Longer term propose/participate in vertical specific modules(Asset Management, Commercial Property management)
  • Active community participation
  • Collaborate with other local ERPNext community members for organising events/meetups

##Chapter activities:

  • Engage with the vibrant open source tech community in and around Bay area and actively promote ERPNext.To start with, I’ve recently setup a meetup towards this [ERPNext Community - Bay Area] (
  • Hold Monthly meetups
  • Setup booths in trade shows and participate in local Open source events/conferences to promote ERPNext
  • Give talks to introduce ERPNext in other local open source meetups
  • Involve in US Localization efforts

This is great. Thank you for your proposal. We will get back with you soon on this.



If anyone is interested in Pune, Singapur and UAE, I would like to help.
We have presence in India, Singapur and UAE.

We have great team of developer, marketing and sales.

We can collaborate to organise meet up, code sprint, developer training session and marketing.

Please check our website:

Hi Malik,

I am from Montreal and would be interested in sharing this responsibility with you.

With @woakes070048, this could become the East coast chapter!

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Yes! lets communicate in the coming days to see how to coordinate our efforts

Let’s do it!

I would like to get all North America ERPNext enthusiasts on a call together and we can decide on the structure for the North American chapters.

Does that sound okay to y’all?




Sounds great! :thumbsup:
Anybody from US West Coast still lurking on the sidelines, c’mon dip your toes, you’ve a company in me! :slight_smile: