Summary of Foundation Meeting on 20th July, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Here is the summary of the foundation call.

Test Case Development

In the earlier sessions, members suggested deploying resources to enhance stability and robustness of ERPNext. On the same lines, currently, three foundation developers are writing test cases for automating front-end testing. We are expecting to have decent test coverage by the end of August. Also, we are resolving Github Issues tagged as bug. After this, working on the new features added in the foundation milestone will be given preference.


It was decided that foundation will also offer honourary fellowship to the regular contributors to core repository of ERPNext/Frappe. @JayRam will define the criteria to earn the fellowship.

ERPNext Local Chapters

Thanks to @jayram, the foundation has nine local ERPNext chapters published already. You are invited to join the chapter closest to your place. If missing, go ahead forming one.

To get the chapters functional, roles for local chapter and chapter heads will be defined. You can soon expect a detailed post on the same. Following were some of the suggestions from the members.

  • Organize three local meetups on ERPNext in a year.
  • Get more members to join the foundation.
  • Maintain a mailing list of local members and keep updating them via newsletters
  • List a local chapter on

For enabling communication within the chapter, each local chapter will be listed on The web listing of local chapter (on will also have a link of meetup profile of that Chapter, so that interested members can join them.