Summary of Foundation Call on 25th May

Hello Everyone,

Here is the summary.

ERPNext Version 9 Roadmap

The Roadmap Committee has prepared a preliminary list of features to be added in the roadmap of version 9. It was decided that @nabinhait will create a new Milestone on Github for ERPNext Version 9. And then members of the roadmap committee will move these Github Issue in the new Milestone.

The ERPNext community can help in the further filtering of issues. Here is the quick help on how you can upvote, downvote or like an Issue.

If anyone wants to suggest a feature to be added in the version 9 roadmap, s(he) can create a Github Issue for the same (with the use-case), and post its link here.

Once we have the final roadmap for version 9, then picking Issues/features for development will be open for all the community members. Initially, there will be no assignment. Interested members can express their interest in contributing a feature by commenting on an Issue, share their design, mockups and work already done, if applicable.


A code sprint will be conducted to make ERPNext GST taxation complaint. @nabinhait and @revant_one will organize this code sprint and create a post for it. It will be conducted in the first week of June. The Bangalore chapter are yet to share their plans for the developer’s workshop.

###Local Chapter

The functionality of publishing local chapters has been added on To gauge the demand and ideas for the local chapter head, @JayRam started a post on a forum. It was suggested that foundation should have low entry barrier for local chapters, at it is still in its infancy. Jayram will further drive to form and get local chapters functional.

###Foundation Governance Council

@JayRam briefed a proposal for the Foundation Governance Council which is already published here.

Gunnar suggested defining a deadline for each step involved in the formation of governance council, like ETA for elections, results etc.

Ideas welcome on this front.

###Collaboration Tool for the Foundation

Gunnar will evaluate a tool where we can list all the initiatives of ERPNext Foundation. It will be the single access point to update, discuss and collaborate on various projects. I suggest creating ERPNext account for the ERPNext Foundation, add all the members as a user in it. Create Projects and Task for all the initiatives of foundation and assign them. Your suggestions welcome.


I’m looking at the list of features (Google Sheet) and noticed that at least one of the features listed doesn’t match the github issue that is listed as supporting it.

Specifically, in row 11 (RFQ Doesn’t support Supplier Currency, Quote PDF and Supplier Quotation Number), the comments on the feature don’t match the linked issue at all. This creates a problem where people can’t give feedback or up/downvote the features that are going to be implemented. I think the comments in the Google Sheet should be removed and the roadmap should be 100% tied to github issues.


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Hi Ben,

The comment on row 11 was me trying to pile on additional requirements to what was specified in the referenced ticket. I’ve removed that specific comment and created the following issue #9052 (RFQ Improvement Proposal)

I think the comments are useful to provide context for some of the issues in the road-map - especially in cases where we will group together several related issues. I think that if we highlight incorrect comments as you have done then they can be corrected.


Fair enough.

My main point is to have each feature listed as an issue that can be voted on and commented on. Having comments to summarize the features is probably a good thing, as long as it’s accurate.

Why not try Trello for tasks/backlog management and collaboration?

For example, these are public Trello urls for a game development (subnautica):

@JayRam Created a new milestone Version 9