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In last year i have received various call from person and professionist about use of erpnext, thanks to my old post ERPNext Italia – Enzo Carlettini. (Many people are ex-Odoo user)

I have adopt it in the company where I work, about 100 people, for project management and support issues.
I have created various custom script for control issue workflow and use auto email report.
But i’m a technican and don’t know many aspect of CRM or SALES or LEAD

Try to focalize energy of all italian people to this forum, to organize a valid team for check function and resolve the very big problem of italian translation.
@JoEz @andros @Giuseppe_Lamatrice @Giuseppe_Melillo @luigimartinezbianchi @dilecce_francesco

We need a Chapter Head

@JayRam this post is valid? or exist a never version?

There is an italian company the become an erpnext foundation member?
with membership is elegible to Module Leader


There are a very missunderstanding terms, actually i use erpnext in english language.

Call all italian members

Please tag all person you know in this topic.

Let’s schedule an appointment

When and how we want to feel?
Friday 6 April 11:00 AM utc+2 via hangout?


Yep. It would be great if you guys form the Italy chapter for ERPNext.

I’m sure @Basawaraj_Savalagi and @revant_one would love to enable you on this journey.



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@sharpec Happy to see you taking this initiative.

Lets have a call.

@JoEz @andros @Giuseppe_Lamatrice @Giuseppe_Melillo @luigimartinezbianchi @dilecce_francesco

Please propose date and time.


Existing user translator
@Joe @sam @donatum @stefano @accounts-erpnext @dade, Massimo Paffi, Massimiliano Torromeo, Cosimo Terzani, FuturaERP, Francesco Antognazza,

Anyone know nickname of untagged user?

Friday 6 April 11:00 AM utc+2
via hangouts

Friday 6 April 11:00 AM utc+2

I am available…

i try to activate another persons to partecipate.
I’m waiting for them to give me the ok to participate.

I advised those who were not, to subscribe to the community


with @Giuseppe_Lamatrice on

I’m working on terms translation for the Healthcare module. The Italian version of the terms is bad.
As the “future Italian community”, we should invest more time to translate all the Italian terms.
Sometime I found also wrong Italian terms in the ERPNnext standard modules.

Please let me know what’s the procedure to verify and enable my terms translation.

Please let me know what’s the procedure to verify and enable my terms translation.

Please check

I already used my translation are already there. The problem is that when I click on “verify” it shows me this message: “You can’t verify your own edits!”.
I already checked that here:
I can download a CSV file but when I updated terms, without verifying, they are not shown in the CSV file.
So I don’t know if my account has low privileges but I’m going to spent a lot of hours in the next weeks on Healthcare module and I need to update smoothly all the terms that are not correct.

Ciao mascor, I beleive you can’t verify your self.
I can approve your translations.

Hi all, we have a new italian member @dayum.
He asks me, if there is support for electronic invoicing, a mandatory requirement in Italy from 1 January 2019. But honestly, I do not know.
Do you have info about this topic?

Hi @mascor and @atemax , we have solved with Healtcare?
There is a trick to filter by module in translate

Hi @sharpec,

nice to see the efforts and progress you are making in Italy, congratulations.

When you say electronic invoicing, are you referring to ISO 20022? We are working on this for automated bank data exchange (including camt.053, pain.001, pain.008, QR invoice and others). You can find sources in GitHub - libracore/erpnextswiss: ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases and feel free to contact me to exchange thoughts, contribution is also appreciated.

Best regards from the north border :wink:

I’m reading documentation this week, because we received an electronic invoice from a supplier. The primary source for documentation is this:

We should enable in ERPNext to generate (and import) the XML file complaint with these specifications:

Considering the fact that electronic invoicing will become mandatory in the next months, we should create a workgroup to define requirements and after then, develop these features as part of the Italian localization.
My development group is available to work in this workgroup and I think that also @Giuseppe_Lamatrice will be.

Other ERP Products already have these features:

The first thing to do is to create a post for this. The Title could be:
“Italian Electronic Invoice - Fatturazione Elettronica”
and for the description when can create a synthesis of the Danea document.

Other useful source:


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Thank you mascor, but I have to document myself better on this topic.

alter talk…
since few days I’m translating some terms.
excluding those purely concerning the banking sector,
how do you think it is correct to translate these terms:

  • Lead -----> Potenziale Cliente
  • Accounts -----> Contabilità
  • Stock -----> Magazzino
  • Leave -----> Ferie
  • Assets -----> Risorse
  • Batch -----> Lotto
  • Support -----> Supporto
  • Issue -----> Problema :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • Bulk -----> Massivo

Lead -----> Potenziale Cliente
Bulk -----> Massivo (for example Bulk Update -----> Aggiornamento Massivo)

Ok good, alternative for issue?

Issue is “Problema” without any doubt.

Remember to update ERPNext Italian Terms here:

and ask in PM to another member to confirm

I created an Issue about Fattura Elettronica here:


I have shared It on LinkedIn and Twitter