Beginner question 2: Missing concentration parameter for chemicals manufacturing

In manufacturing, all chemical raw materials have concentration parameter.

For example, BOM recipe states “component A 100 g/l”. In reality, raw “component A” is never 100%, so when ordering we use minimal concentration for this component, for example, 95%. That means for producing 1000l of product we need to order 100/0.95=105.3kg of “component A”.
When the raw materials arrive from supplier, they arrive in different batches with different concentrations. For example, Batch 1 100kg: 95.8%, Batch 2 500kg: 97.3%, Batch 3 250kg: 98.0%.

So, the concentration parameter should be tracked and used during the whole workflow: from calculating requirements, through ordering and delivery up to manufacturing.

Is any chance to force ERPNext to use Item custom field in all internal calculations?