Being a Devloper, What will I require from Client to complete unfinished Job?


I am developer, but not much of experience of Erpnext yet, but I think from guides I will able to achieve client’s requirement.

Client comes to me to finish their unfinished Job from another developer, other than client’s requirement, what other information will I require from client side to re-start & finish their unfinished job?

As per client they are using DigitalOcean.

What unfinished business are you referring to? Do you understand that? If yes, break down the steps and attack then bit by bit.

As an example an unfinished house can have electrical work or foundation work to be fixed. They need completely different skill set. If you don’t define it or don’t know or don’t mention, the community will find it difficult to help.
Good luck.

Hi Deepak,

I edited my question to elaborate my question more clearly, I am not asking about the skills, but to access & finish client’s unfinished Job, what digital information I would require from client?

So it depends. Most importantly you will need a coach with more experience than yourself :slight_smile: and lots of patience, reading, tinkering.

Start with opening a digitalocean account. Try installing ERPNext. Make some modification to the code or create a hello woorld frappe app. By this time: you will find your answers:slight_smile:

No, you didn’t get me yet.

I am not asking what skills I require, as mentioned, I will able to achieve whatever I wants from guides provided by ERPNext.

But I am looking for what information client has to provide me to let me access and finish their unfinished job. :sweat:

Could you pls highlight your profile a bit? Your experience, knowledge, previous projects, adoption level of the client of this or another erp, running status? Thanks

I will leave it here, until anybody else answer it. :sob:


  • Server credentials for ssh login
  • VPN access if on private network
  • Third party app credentials if any, e.g On AWS access to parts of console or any Third party API keys, clientid, secret, etc.
  • NDAs

Unfinished Jobs

  • Service providers are part of community so handover from previous provider will be ideal
  • Git repository of previous code if any.
  • If git is not available, last updated app code can be found under frappe-bench/apps/custom_app. Fork it and build upon that if license and client permits.


DO NOT test / run anything on production server. Production server will only run bench update on master branch of all apps installed there.


Thank you very much hero fo the thread @revant_one:grin:

Yoohoo!!! :slight_smile: finally!!!