Being charged in $ but accounts done in £

I have invoices from a customer that is in dollars but my accounting is in pounds and the payment on my bank statement is in pounds. How would I process this in ERPnext


I am creating a purchase order with the company that sells in $ and it is converting to £ fine. However, when I am adding VAT the row is not producing a figure. I have selected on net total and VAT at 20% as i normally do

Can you upload a screencast preferably otherwise a screenshot to explain what is going on.

you can see on the screenshot that it has calculated the product rows to $15.95 and then converted that to £12.29. That is all correct.

Then on the tax row I have done as I have normally done but it has not populated the figure box and it won’t let me manually enter it

@tundebabzy please see screenshot above

@Softwareprofs Sorry for replying late. Please give me steps to reproduce this. Seems to be working fine at my end

@tundebabzy thats ok :slight_smile: I appreciate the help.

I set up a new supplier and set the currency as USD

I then went to create the purchase invoice as you can see above

@tundebabzy it is actually calculating it now :slight_smile: thank you

Phew! Great!