Bench build doesn't run for custom app

I downloaded Virtual disk, installed it and use for myself.
For my customization, I created new app mycustomapp.
I want to add new js library
I added

app_include_js = ["/assets/mycustomapp/js/mycustomapp.min.js"]

in the folder public I created build.json

 	"js/mycustomapp.min.js": [

then I run bench restart and bench migrate and bench clear-cache and finally bench build
but bench build doesn’t see mycustomapp assets.
in my site_config.json I set "developer_mode": 1
Please help me,
Thank you

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I still need a help, please

check if you have installed the app on your site or not because build.json and seems to be correct.

Thank you for your answer, yes it’s installed
bench list-apps return


try change it

app_include_js = ["/assets/js/mycustomapp.min.js"]

hi, thank you, unfortunately it doesn’t help(

Did you start again bench?

bench build
bench start

thank you, yes, I’m going to try to run bench reinstall and then update you
@vinhnguyent090 It helped, thank you)


@NMyshuk Natalia, I can’t seem to get it to work on 1 of 2 benches. Did you end up figuring this out?

Edit: it was a syntax error in my build.json

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hi, this syntax errors are most insidious :slight_smile:

This is actually the second time it’s happened to me. When there’s a syntax error in build.json, the build function doesn’t raise an errors, it just skips it. It’s not that it isn’t my fault, it’s that I wasn’t told it was my fault.

so, maybe you should raise the issue on the github? or if you know how to improve/change build functionality make pull request? (it’s just comment/proposal, just for giving you the answer because the dialog is needed sometimes)

my case is extra comma at end of the last line, sometimes other places this is not a problem at all!

I can confirm that the build just ignored the custom app without any error!

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Same here. The trailing comma is the problem. No error when running bench build.