Bench commands for frappe-bench tree

How can i configure my bench commands for frappe-bench tree directory?
Now, I can just do bench commands just on frappe-bench folder…

Hi Leonardo,

Could you please tell us a bit more about what challenge or difficulty you are facing in installing or using ERPNext. Your question is a little too cryptic. At least for me.



You intend to use bench commands from any directory inside frappe-bench folder ?

That’s it!

I don’t think that’s possible. Bench commands works the way it works because it knows the file structure and the point from where it has been invoked. Hence, for example, running ‘bench update’ works because it knows its been called from frappe-bench directory, thus it goes in ’ /apps/* ’ directory and executes the git pull thing. Bottom line, what you’re trying to achieve is not possible.

But if you download the vm of erpnext, this is configured