Bench Drop-site, what about Restore-site

Hi all,
Don’t know if happens to you but when doing local or even production sites sometimes we need to drop-site a site/sites especially when on development and of course would be great to have a command like restore-site that would do the opposite of drop-site instead of having to create new site and do the restore.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Any news on having such a command RESTORE-SITE ?
which is basically getting the DB from the archived_site and do restore and migrate so we don’t need to create new-site, restore DB and migrate…


have you had a look at —

I know this… but try the following
Drop a Site and if your customer or you weeks/months after need to restore that site you have first to create the site, only after restore using that.
My point is when using bench restore-site XXXX archived_sites/XXXX/LAST_DB_BACKUP

That should restore-site

  • Create the Site
  • Restore the DB and the site_config