Bench error for HelpDesk "sudo: not found"

Hello. I have run into an issue upon installing Frappe Helpdesk.
I followed the instructions on the helpdesk GitHub page. On the last step “bench --site helpdesk.test add-to-host”, I get this error. /bin/sh: 1: sudo: not found.

I thought I may need to su root or install sudo. I cannot seem to find the root password for the backend container. I tried what I could find online and also the password in passwords.txt. I am using portainer to interact with the Shell of the container also.
I hoped someone could advise or point me in the right direction. any help would be appreciated very much.

Did you tried to reset the password ? If no do check and also check the path as well. Restart then again try the command

Try these

bench --site site1.local uninstall-app helpdesk  --force

bench --site site1.local clear-cache

bench --site site1.local clear-website-cache

supervisorctl restart all

Also are u in production or development
if in development then keep bench start in another terminal then try the above command.

bench --site site1.local install-app helpdesk

Thank you for the advice. I did try these without any luck.
I ended up spinning up a new instance. Erp-next is working fine but I only have problems when I try and add the helpdesk or any integration. It seems I need supervisor installed in my container as it does not have it. I cannot install anything without sudo or root pass. The container does not have sudo installed so I need the root pass but I have no luck finding it. I used the easy-install script to install everything. I am sure I am making a mistake somewhere. I may try to reinstall and use a different method other than the easy-install script to see if that helps.

I wanted to add also That I believe I am in production mode. In the easy-install script, I made sure to put -prod for production.
Thanks again for the advice.

You using docker ?