Bench failed: Install Pillow

Iam running erpnext through vm on windows
Iam getting ubuntu as login instead of erpnext
not able to access erpnext … the webpage says … sorry we will be back soon
Iam attaching a screen shot
please help me on this

when booting it is asking for ubuntu username and password
i hit frappe for user name and frappe for password
once it boots, i updated the bench using the command cd frappe-bench…bench update
this is the error i get

I have a strong doubt that all this started when i tried to update ubuntu
Please help me on this
with thanks

Have a look at this post

Hi Trentmu
i did a ‘do release upgrade’ and landed in to the above problem
it tried your sugestion
it throws up this error
any other way out
I have around 2000 items in the database… took lot of time for data entry
Thanks and regards