Bench get-app bitbucket requires github account

When I issue get-app with bitbucket repo, it asks for github user name.

As you see, bench get-app generates

git clone

I also tried

bench get-app jettaslama --branch master

bench 5.7.0
erpnext 13.16.1
frappe 13.16.0

Any suggestion?

I’ve installed the app manually.

~/frappe-bench$ cd apps
~/frappe-bench/apps$ git clone --origin upstream
~/frappe-bench/apps$ cd ..
~/frappe-bench$ ./env/bin/pip3 install -e apps/jettaslama/ --no-cache-dir
~/frappe-bench$ echo "jettaslama" >> sites/apps.txt 
~/frappe-bench$ bench --site install-app jettaslama

Source: App download from my repository - #19 by revant_one
Thank you @revant_one . You are a life saver.


Issue Bench get-app always use even if we use different git server such as gitlab · Issue #1228 · frappe/bench · GitHub

An easier workaround would be downgrading the Bench CLI to the unbroken version. Although we’re working on getting the fix merged and make a release soon.

pip install -U frappe-bench==5.6.0

The breaking bugs have been fixed in the patch releases that have come since. Upgrade Bench to the latest version (v5.7.4) running the following command:

pip install -U frappe-bench