Bench get-app taking incorrect github repository instead of Bitbucket


I have my repository in BitBucket. I used to give the following command and it will fetch the proper repository.
bench get-app

In a freshly installed setup using easy_installl, however the bench get-app is trying to find the repository in the github instead of bitbucket. Bench is invoking the following command

git clone --depth 1 --origin upstream

My bench version is 5.0.0-dev

Any pointer or suggestion to overcome this issue?


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go to the apps directory and clone the app.
cd apps
git clone
bench get-app
and then answer
NO for overwriting and
YES for reinstalling

@amadhaji. I tried your suggestion. However in the get-app step, it is still asking for the user credentials from github, instead of bitbucket. The problem still persist.

@saravana . after cloning the app and being sure the app directory is found in apps directory.
when use get-app it will show something like:
A directory for the application “repositry” already exists.
Do you want to continue and overwrite it? [y/N]:
answer No.
and then it will show:
Do you want to reinstall the existing application? [y/N]:
answer Yes
and you need this to install/build python/javascript requirements of your app.

@amadhaji Thanks for the solution.

better solution I have find.

The breaking bugs have been fixed in the patch releases that have come since. Upgrade Bench to the latest version (v5.7.4) running the following command:

pip install -U frappe-bench