Bench get-app giving ERROR: 'App' object has no attribute 'org'

I have managed to setup Frappe and ERPNext version 15. And it is working properly.

On my PC I have version 14 also. In version 14 I have create a custom App which is functional.

I want to get and install this app in version 15.

To do this, I am using the following command:

bench get-app <my custom app path>

But I am getting error:

ERROR: 'App' object has no attribute 'org'

What must be the problem and how to solve it?

Ensure that your bench and frappe versions are up-to-date.
If the issue persists, consider recreating the app
Here’s a general guide for creating a new app:

bench new-app your_custom_app_name

They are the latest. That is version 15.

I just installed Frappe and ERPNext a few hours ago.

I feel this is not an option as the App is big and complex.

But my question why is it failing at all.

Bench should gracefully detect and handle old Apps instead of throwing such cryptic error messages.