Bench has been stopped but I install "npm express and redis"

02:00:18 system | redis_queue.1 stopped (rc=1)
02:00:18 system | worker.1 started (pid=44729)
02:00:18 system | sending SIGTERM to web.1 (pid 44715)
02:00:18 system | sending SIGTERM to socketio.1 (pid 44719)
02:00:18 system | sending SIGTERM to watch.1 (pid 44723)
02:00:18 system | sending SIGTERM to schedule.1 (pid 44727)
02:00:18 system | sending SIGTERM to worker.1 (pid 44729)
02:00:18 system | worker.1 stopped (rc=-15)
02:00:18 system | web.1 stopped (rc=-15)
02:00:18 system | schedule.1 stopped (rc=-15)
02:00:18 system | watch.1 stopped (rc=-15)
02:00:18 system | socketio.1 stopped (rc=-15)

Is there a bind address already in use message there?

Can you explain me in some detail about is error
But I restart my system it’s working what I need to do for that

If it is working after restarting your system (And assuming the bench was running in your system and not a different server), then it’s probably because the bench was cut off.

When you try to start the bench it will say that the bind address (the port in which the bench is supposed to start at) is already in use.

At this point there are multiple ways to get the bench to work (like serving the bench in a different port number of killing the previously run port) but the easiest would be to restart the PC/server.

Thak you for explain