Bench import-csv no errors when importing but only inserts first 999 rows to the database

Hi All,

I’m still quite new at developing erpnext. Right now im trying to import our Items list to erpnext using the bench import-csv command line utility. The list has 26000 rows in it. From the command line it says that it inserted all of the rows to the database but when I check the database it only shows 999 Items the list on the ERPNext Items list says the same thing as well.

Does anyone here encountered the same thing before?

Also just to add on this I tried splitting the csv file to contain only 2000 rows but it still does the same thing. Looks like it only imports the first 999 rows and the rest isn’t even though there are no errors on the command line

If any of the rows are malformed, the import will be terminated at that point. It normally shows you an error message, and also creates a file with any items that did not succeed so that you can correct them and resubmit.
Check your error logs for the results of the import.
You also need to be absolutely sure that parent groups/categories etc already exist before the import runs, because if they don’t have a place to go into, they won’t go in

Ty for the help. I found out what was wrong. Looks like there was duplicate entries. My fault was that I relied on the import to clean the duplicate entries for me. Looks like once it encounters a duplicate entry instead of terminating the import on the command line it tries to continue even though there is nothing being imported. I had to run a script to clean up the data for me.

You can set it to “create new only” or to “update existing” or (I think) a mix of both

How do you manage this scenario?? I’m also suffering with the same issue. It’s always insert 1000 rows.

You’ll have to check your import data for any duplicates. The import terminates on any malformed data