Bench init outputs no crontab for frappe

At the end of bench init frappe, I got the following:

INFO:bench.utils:setting up backups
no crontab for frappe
INFO:bench.utils:setting up auto update
Bench frappe initialized

I don’t know how cron works and am concerned the auto backups will not work. This is my crontab -e content:

0 */6 * * *  cd /home/frappe/frappe && /usr/local/bin/bench --site all backup >> /home/frappe/frappe/logs/backup.log 2>&1
0 10 * * * cd /home/frappe/frappe &&  /home/frappe/frappe/env/bin/bench update --auto >> /home/frappe/frappe/logs/auto_update_log.log 2>&1

Can anyone explain to me if it means backup won’t work and how do I enable backups in that case?

Hi, this is nothing to worry about.

no crontab for frappe” means that the crontab for user frappe was not found.
This is because frappe is a newly created user.

In case init is run for an existing user, the current crontab needs to be preserved.
So it tries to read the existing crontab before writing to it.

Oh, thank you. But this is pretty misleading logging.