Bench Init Succeeds but with some errors and Web UI doesn't load properly

I just got started with ERPNext and I’ve been using the following guide to complete the installation.

During bench init frappe-bench && cd frappe-bench, I get the following errors but then the command is successful.

I also get the same errors when installing the erp app like this bench get-app erpnext

Then after the installation is complete and bench is running. The login page loads properly, but every other page loads plain html without any styling. Below is the desk page after initial login. Every other page is like that.

What could be the issue? This is clean Ubuntu 18.04 install and the guide is very detailed.

try bench build && clear-cache

I still get the same error as in the console above, a Syntax error?

share error


bench start

show any errors?

Same problem as here? I install erpnext in my server, but when i brows it give login page disorder like screen short below

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