Bench-manager setup on on subdomain

I just installed ERPPNext multitenancy on digitalocean droplet ubuntu 18.04L using easy install method. I pointed the domain to my url and everything is working fine. Now I want to install bench manager and point it to subdomain but I dont seem to get it right. it has given me sleepless nights.

I am a newbie to ERPNext and frappe. Please help
Thank you

Here is a screenshot when I try to enable DNS based multitenancy

After installing bench it’ll be a local site something like bench.local. Simply add your domain to it as you normally do for any other site. Using my mobile to post this but the command is something like this bench setup —site add-domain

Please look it up. Google add domain to ERPNext site

I think you also need to

cd ~/frappe-bench

Thank you! Bench manager successfully installed.

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