Bench manager site missing

Hi, I have a server with 4 sites using different port to acces it.
I install the bench manager on the server but I only see the bench_manager_site1 I don’t see any other site that I have on the server.

Unfortunately, bench manager is installed “per site” which also means you will not be able to have one bench manager manage all the sites…


Why on my other server with 4 sites I see them all?
The basic fonction of Bench Manager is to manage sites. What the point to have a manager if you can manage more then 1

On the other server are you using ports or subdomains?

Did you install bench as per the following:

bench new-site bench-manager.local

bench get-app bench_manager GitHub - frappe/bench_manager: Frappe app for managing bench

bench --site bench-manager.local install-app bench_manager


On the server where I see all other site in DNS base server. On the one where I didn’t see other site are port based and I feloww the process you are talking about


Perhaps there is a bench configuration you can edit… but unfortunately,

You could raise an issue on GitHub but I don’t think the app is actively being developed.