Bench - manpage

frappe@erpnext:~$ man bench
No manual entry for bench

I guess it would be great to develop such. Any suggestions how to to start this?

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We could start here

I just started a repo for this bench manpage project GitHub - Community-Apps-for-erpnext/bench_manpage: the title says it basically. This should result into manpages for the "bench" tool for ERPNext & frappe framework

it contains just randomly gathered bench commands. Please anybody feel free to add to this. Then I guess we’ll have to see how to put this in order using the how-to @ccfiel has brought up.
If anyone has experience with those it would be great whether you could step in.

@rmehta @anand @nabinhait … if you have any notes for bench commands would you mind to post them into that repo?

@vrms did you try bench --help (?)

@vrms would prefer if you do not use the offical sounding “ERPNext-Software-Foundation” org name. Please create your repos in your own name.

I know you mean good, but this might potentially confuse new users.

Also I would prefer if you rename that organization to something not official sounding.

@rmehta I haven’t noted this specific post above previous our private conversation we just held. I can not answer you there any longer because apparently my rights in this forum have been reduced to only 3 answers per topic (assuming these 2 events are unrelated).

Maybe the conversation would have gone a little different otherwise