Bench migrate and customized DocTypes

When using bench migrate on production it isn’t updating my customizations for “Batch”. I exported the batch.json on “Customize Form” to myapp/mymodule/custom/batch.json. (is this the correct way? If so, is there a console command to easily export it, like with export-fixtures?)

I cleared the “title_field” and made “batch_id” non mandatory(because I’m setting it with a custom autoname function), but these changes are not updating when pulling the new version of my app with bench update.

Also in my custom DocType I added a new permission row and removed the old one. This was also not updated. And since I’m in production I can’t just manually change the permission row.

// EDIT:

I could fix the permissions with bench reset-perms. As stated here.

@codeag if you are on the latest develop, and you created the batch.json with “Export Customizations” it should sync with the new site.

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