Bench migrate does not install DocTypes on new app [V11]

I created a new app with DocTypes in it on my dev environment. I developed and pushed it to git.

Afterwards I installed the app on my Production environment. after I execute bench migrate it does not create the new DocTypes.

Any idea why?

I got the app with get-app and also installed it with install-app

install-app itself migrates doctypes on the bench instance. Are you sure you are on the same site you installed your app on ?

Are the app modules visible in Module Def ?

No, the app is not visible on Module def. I even executed bench --site [sitename] install-app [app name] and still does not work.

Any errors trace ?

Oh by chance, are those doctypes marked as Custom ? Check the doctype entries

No error trace on command line.

And No, they are not marked custom.

Does anyone have any idea on this? I cannot figure it out yet.

Is it included in excluded-apps?

bench include-app my_app


Where is the excluded-apps located?

bench include-app my_app

worked for me.

Thank you very much. I owe you a big one.


How does an app automatically go into excluded_apps.txt?

I just went through the code and found that, when the app doesnt have remote url set then it gets added to excluded list.

Is it the only case this happens?